KNUCKLES NELSON standing with the late great "Boston Bad Boy" TONY RUMBLE - 1999

The name WRESTLING STAR WARS is nothing new to professional wrestling. During the early 1980's in Texas incredible wrestling spectaculars took place that will go down in history as some of the greatest action of all time. During a time of great change in the wrestling world people like Michael Hayes & The Freebirds, Gino Hernandez, Al Madril, Scott & Wild Bill Irwin, Tim Brooks, Scandar Ackbar, Chris Adams, Al Perez, Ric Flair, and of course the Von Erichs all paved the way for today’s wrestling. The Independent Wrestling Network calls it's North American Territory WRESTLING STAR WARS in tribute to that great era of wrestling.

Based in Salisbury Beach, MA, USA; and powered by it's weekly television show THIS WEEK IN WRESTLING hosts BRIAN WEBSTER and KNUCKLES NELSON bring WRESTLING STAR WARS action to the New England area. Like the Sportatorium in Dallas, THE COMBAT ZONE in Salisbury Beach is home to WRESTLING STAR WARS Featuring wrestling stars from all around the world.


10-2-02 - WRESTLING STAR WARS and the Independent Wrestling Network would like to thank everyone for another successful season at the Pavilion. Look for WRESTLING STAR WARS to be on tour this winter! Stay logged on to for information!

Also, Brian Webster's weekly is updated for this week. Check it out.
9-29-02 - "BIG GUN" JIM SEARGENT WINS THE WRESTLING STAR WARS NEW ENGLAND HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP!!! In what was being called a grudge match. These two former partners took to the squared circle for a historical battle! With THE FABULOUS ONES and JOHN FABULOUS barred from ringside, it seemed the end was near for KIDD USA's title reign. After official BOBBY "SPIDER" WYKA was knocked out in the corner, JOHN FABULOUS came out to help his talent KIDD USA. As the smoke cleared, FABULOUS struck KIDD USA with his briefcase and BIG GUN rolled him up for the 1--2--3.

Earlier in the show, KNUCKLES NELSON came to BIG WOODY asking for some ring time. What KNUCKLES NELSON had to say was shocking. But hey, what else do you expect? NELSON stared his interview off by displaying his body to all the fans to see. After he stopped doing that, he started ragging on COMMISSIONER himself BIG WOODY. After NELSON brought WOODY in the ring he continued to verbally assault the COMMISSIONER . WOODY had enough! BODYSLAMMING the 260 pound KNUCKLES NELSON like a feather! Setting NELSON up in the corner and a BIG SPLASH sent KNUCKLES NELSON down and out!

9-26-02 - S-a-t-u-r-d-a-y NIGHT! Yes, This weekend is another show at the COMBAT ZONE in Sailsbury MA!
Also, CHECK OUT BRIAN WEBSTER'S WEEKLEY NEWS! Don't think twice about this one... this is a MUST READ!
9-25-02 - Everyone here at Wrestling Star Wars and the Independent Wrestling Network send our condolences to the family of Rocco Rock.

9-23-02 - TOP STORY: Over the weekend I took a trip to the COMBAT ZONE to interview KNUCKLES NELSON! Yes, We have the transcript of the interview HERE!!

Also... Did you know that WRESTLING STAR WARS'S television show "THIS WEEK IN WRESTLING", which is seen all up and down the east coast, 100th episode will be airing this week? I would personaly like to congradulate the TV crew for WRESTLING STAR WARS. They do one heck of a job.

Finally, Another live event is penned in for THIS SATURDAY NIGHT September 28th at the Pavilion in Sailsbury MA! Stay logged on to WRESTLINGSTARWARS.COM for all the updates!

9-15-02 - Tag team belt change, reverse decisions, and interview from one KNUCKLES NELSON sums up SEPTEMBER 18th at the COMBAT ZONE.

Lets start out with THE FABULOUS ONES are new tag team champions. THE FABULOUS ONES were to take on THE POWER COMPANY. Car trouble held THE POWER COMPANY from making it to the COMBAT ZONE. BIG WOODY had no choice to give the titles to THE FABULOUS ONES. Being as THE POWER COMPANY had car trouble, they don't feel they lost the tag team straps.

A controversial ending to KIDD USA vs BIG GUN heavyweight title match. BIG GUN accidentally clotheslined referee SHUN YAMAGUCHI! BOBBY WYKA came down to the ring to continue refing the match. At one point KIDD USA tapped out while in the purple heart. At this point SHUN YAMAGUCHI gets up and DQ's BIG GUN! For the fans that wern't there, THE FABULOUS ONES and JOHN FABULOUS were involved in this match a lot. So BIG WOODY announced a rematch to take place on September 28th. One added stipulation, THE FABULOUS ONES and JOHN FABULOUS are BARRED FROM RINGSIDE!

A interview from KNUCKLES NELSON proved to be shocking. KNUCKLES started to list wrestlers that he drove out of WRESTLING STAR WARS. ARCH KINCADE, "LATIN FURY" LUIS ORTIZ, and SLYK WAGNER BROWN. He also stated, and I quote "SLYK WAGNER BROWN thinks he's a big shot because hes banging a white girl." He also claims that he ran RON ZOMBIE and DYLAN KAGE with their little sluts THE LIVING DEAD GIRL and TALIA out of WRESTLING STAR WARS! To end the interview, KNUCKLES NELSON challenged those to wrestling to a handicap match!

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