Interview with KNUCKLES NELSON conducted September 22,2002

I had a chance to sit down with KNUCKLES NELSON this past weekend to talk about what has happened following his comments on September 14th. Here is what he had to say.

WSWWebmster: (WSW) You seem to have upset several people with your recent comments. Would you care to comment on that?

Knuckles Nelson: (KN) Yes I would, First off let me say I support wrestling. Anything that was said in the ring during the show was a work. Let me take each person one at a time. People like Arch Kincade and Latin Fury would call the office of Wrestling Star Wars looking for work. We gladly put them on the shows because they were good wrestlers. Then when something better in their eyes came along, they would drop us like a bad habit, and never talk to us again. I hope that all the young wrestlers who passed through Wrestling Star Wars make it all the way to the top. We would never try to hold anyone back. As for Ron Zombie, this is a guy I have known for many years. During the time that I wrestled for the late Tony Rumble, Zombie was always there too. I never really talked to him much back then but when wrestling Star Wars opened its office we became good friends. The only reason he was ever on a Wrestling Star Wars show was because of his connection to the late great Tony Rumble. He became a regular for us but on the last TV taping he appeared on he decided to big league Astroman. Not wanting to cooperate on anything the 20 year veteran wanted to do in that match. As for Dylan Kage this is a kid that showed up at the Combat Zone about three years ago looking for work. After watching him work one match, I knew that he was a very talented wrestler. From that point on he became a regular for Wrestling Star Wars, being overpaid for average matches. I understand his girlfriend Talia is upset with me for comments that were intended to be a work. Truthfully, the only reason she was hired was due to the fact that Dylan Kage asked me to put her on the show. By the way Talia, lawyer is spelt L-A-W-Y-E-R. And last but certainly not least, Slyk Wagner Brown. This kid has always been one of my favorite wrestlers. During the infant stages of his career I did my best to get him booked all over New England. We traveled together and had a lot of laughs on the road. Then the day came when he too decided to move on to what he considered to be "bigger and better things." Once again, I would never try to hold anyone back from furthering their career. But what really pissed me off was when we had a spot for him and his manager. He big leagued me and said he required a pay day that was unrealistic. I think the expression "don't forget where you came from" applies here. As far as his manager goes, when I stated that he was banging a white girl. I was not even talking about her.

KN: The point I want to make is that if any independent wrestling group wants to achieve success their has to be loyalty from the office to the workers and the workers to the office. We were loyal to them but we were treated like a girl in a bar on a Friday night. Who got fucked and never spoken to again.

WSW: Why are you back in the ring at this point of your life?

KN: From the first time I ever stepped into a wrestling ring I loved it. When I was managed by Tony Rumble I had the chance to wrestle for the WWF, WCW, USWA, NWA, and countless independents in the New England area. I also made several tours of Japan thanks to Tony. When he died I lost all interest in being in the ring. I felt it was my duty to try to continue his work. Many people think that NWA New England was the continuation of his work. It's not. Wrestling Star Wars is. So to answer the question I'm back in the ring, because I love it. My time in the ring is behind me, not a head of me. And at some point, I got the urge to start banging heads again. I'm not looking for a job with the WWE, I'm just doing what I do.

WSW: Do you have anything more to say about the wrestlers in general?

KN: Yes I do, I will never understand how after 3 years of promoting shows on a regular basis, and over paying independent wrestlers, and providing them with videotapes of their matches, how anyone could be mad at me. I am one of the few people who runs wrestling shows that actually knows what its like to be in the ring. I'm not one of these marks that decided they were going to promote wrestling. I know what it's like to be on a 6 hour car ride, wrestle in front of 20 people, and not get paid. I also know what its like to earn $1,000 for one match and all points in between. My goal has always been to provide young up in coming talents with a safe and fun working environment. I can't tell you how many times I had to go to the ATM after a show so I could paid the boys. The reason I would do that was out of respect for what they do. I never fucked with anyone, and I never expected to be treated the way the above mentioned wrestlers decided to treat me.

WSW: Where do you see Wrestling Star Wars going from here?

KN: I never intended to become a wrestling promoter, I love the ring, I love the road, I love the rats, And I always will. I explained earlier how I became a promoter. My true love is teaching. If I never ran another show I could live with that. As long as I could still teach my students. I think we will run many more shows to come.

WSW: How are things going with the school?

KN: The combat zone opened in 2001, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. People from all walks of life have come through these doors and only two have made it. That would be, my pride student "Big Gun" Jim Seargent and referee Dan Cashman. I can't tell you how proud I am of Jim. I never expected him to make it, but he proved me wrong. And I really never thought Cashman would make it, and he also proved me wrong. The biggest thing I've learned is that people will come and go. In the beginning I thought everyone would make it, and one by one they all dropped out. Then A new group would come in, and the same thing would happen. Once I realized this was going to be the process it helped me make the proper adjustments in how to approach the whole thing. As much as I love being in the ring, I love helping people learn how to work even more.

WSW: Is there anything else you would like to talk about before we wrap this up?

KN: I would like to thank all the wrestlers who ever took one bump on my shows. I would also like to thank our fans who keep coming back. But most of all, I would like to thank Brian Webster, Derek Mitchell, and Shun Yamaguchi for helping me make this work. Without there guys Wrestling Star Wars would never happen. There seems to be no shortage of wrestling shows these days. From what I've seen, most of it sucks. Thanks to Tony Rumble I learned how to make chicken salad out of chicken shit. The day we opened the office we had a zero budget. We managed to turn that into a solid independent wrestling promotion. I hope anyone who was offended by any comments or action on my part knows that the door is always open for them to return. There is always an angle right around the corner for anyone. But if anyone decides to hold a grudge, Knuckles Nelson wants to say fuck you too.